Broadband Benefits

Healthcare requires connected information technology solutions to enhance primary prevention, promote health, accurately diagnose and treat illness and injury.

Healthcare providers need secure, cost effective, high capacity, and highly reliabile network access.  

The core RNHN Fiber Network is a 750 mile, 84 fiber, privately owned, redundant ring that  provides high security and availablity for healthcare mission critical operations.  
Well designed fiber networks are redundant, the network has to fail in multiple ways to cause an outage.  If a fiber is cut, or a switch or router suddenly fails, another pathway maintains the communication flow. Redundant systems deliver significant value with high availability, reliability, and predictability.
A Regional System of Care Provided Locally ®
Healthcare Broadband
Fiber Network 
Redundant 36 fiber
ring with long haul
circuits to Denver and Omaha serving 23
Nebraska hospitals, behavioral health
providers and their 
associated clinics